Cracking with Curry!

Pairing wines with curry dishes is no easy task, and the success largely depends on the heat of the curry and the consistency.  A chicken based dish with a sauce such as Chicken Tikka Masala will be better suited to a rosé wine more than perhaps a lamb dish, which would lend itself more to a slightly chilled red, or a dry chicken dish, where a white would be favoured. 

Often people are left guessing in a restaurant and at home when cooking Asian foods; “which wine would best match with this curry dish?”, “which wine would work well with these Thai noodles?” The Spice Trail range has been developed alongside professional chefs in order to provide a pleasant balance to the powerful flavours that are often found in Szechuan and pan-Asian cuisine.

Spice Trail wines each display a hint of ripe fruit. The sweetness on the finish is designed to complement and enhance the taste of curry and also tame the often overpowering spices found in these dishes. The Spice Trail Rosé for example, has aromatic fruit qualities from the Pinot Noir and Kékfrankos grapes provide a subtle counterpoint and contrast well with the savoury flavours of the dish.
Last year Spice Trail Rosé was awarded 5 stars from ‘What Food What Wine?’ as a food match with Lamb Rogan Josh, Stirfried King Prawns, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma and the ‘Outstanding with Curry’ Trophy. 
Ultimately the pairing of a wine and food dish comes down to the individual’s personal preferences. Spice Trail wines will certainly provide a great match for any Asian cuisine, so you can have some fun trying out which matches work for you!
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