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Why English wine will reign in 2012

There are many reasons for being proud to be British in 2012, with the London Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee dominating the summer events calendar.

Do you fully understand fruity wine descriptions?

From gooseberries to figgy undertones and yeasty lemons, tasting notes for wine can seem overly complicated.

How to match Italian wine with food

How often is it that you choose an Italian wine from the shelves in the supermarket or wine shop?

No dinner plans? Choose your wine before the food shop
It is safe to say that the majority of people match a bottle of wine to their food rather than the other way around. But there's no reason why you can't match your food to a wine you've already selected.
Why cider can be a perfect match with food

Regular dinner party hosts will no doubt want to change things up occasionally and get creative when it comes to matching food and wine.

Should we be serving up organic wine?

If you often find yourself choosing organic meat and vegetables over the regular kind, should you also think about buying organic wine?

How to match food with sweet wines
Moscato is now the third best-selling white wine in the US. No dinner party of 2012 could be held without cracking open a bottle of the stuff, so choosing what food to match it with is the next challenge to approach
Would you pay more for an unpronounceable wine?

As you're scanning the wine shelves in the supermarket or wine merchant's, how do you select a bottle when there are so many to choose from?

Why we should be delving into Cabernet Sauvignon

For some people, Cabernet Sauvignon could be a bit too dark in flavour to enjoy on its own and can be too dominating for a dinner dish. But wine critic Olly Smith has explained why this is what makes the grape so great.

Spotting the cheap cuts of meat for a budget dinner

While you might want to splash out on an expensive bottle of wine and fine cut of meat for a dinner party, how do you keep the costs down on an ordinary night in?