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Are celebrity wine and spirits as good as traditional brands?

Aside from acting in Hollywood movies, singing on arena tours or becoming the best footballer in the world, celebrities are finding time for their next love, producing wine and spirits.

Has Masterchef brought out our inner chef?

After eight weeks of grilling, frying and baking, not to mention cooking for some of the biggest chefs in the world, more than six million people tuned in to watch Shelina Permalloo win Masterchef 2012 last week.

Shoppers splashing the cash on fine wine

We are drinking more expensive wine, even if we are cutting back elsewhere. It's a funny thing when you discover that shopping trends go the opposite way to what you might expect.

The ultimate food and wine pairing? Chocolate wine creates a stir

It has long been known that wine and chocolate is one of the ultimate luxury food and wine pairings, but actually mixing them together? It might need to be tried to believe it!

It's official! Consumers prefer sparkling wine over Champagne

It may be down to the recession and the need for more affordable options, but sales of sparkling wine have finally outsold those of Champagne.

Explore poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes for a varied diet

Now could be a great time to dust off the cookbooks and alter your diet slightly to include more poultry, fish and vegetables after new research has warned against eating too much red meat.

Is Gewürztraminer still too cheesy for a dinner party?

In the wine and spirit world there are plenty of examples of drinks that have experienced extreme popularity and then suffered from being considered unfashionable.

Take the pressure off with slow cooking

After a long day at work or lengthy Sunday stroll the last thing you might want to do is start cooking a big meal. One great solution to this is by investing in a slow cooker.

How to recreate a nostalgic family recipe

We often have fond memories of our mother's and grandmother's cooking; those evening suppers and big flavoursome cakes on special occasions.

Are you guilty of cooking an unauthentic spag bol?

For millions of people up and down the country there is nothing better than a spaghetti bolognese and a glass of red wine for a quick mid-week supper.