Brighten mealtimes with colourful food and wine

Food and wine for a brighter dinner

A long day at work can leave you feeling tired, glum and unmotivated to do anything when you arrive home to a bear fridge.

But as you ponder over why you failed to do some shopping on the journey home, switch your thoughts to food and wine pairings that will literally brighten up your mealtimes. 
There is no accounting for the uplift a brightly coloured plate can give you, with Mediterranean vegetables particularly good for adding vibrant hues to your dinner.
So, the next time you take a trip to the grocers or supermarket to stock up on much-needed supplies, let your eyes wander to lit up shelves stacked with a wealth of vegetables.
Tomatoes form the basis to many a mouth-watering dish, so opt for them first and build from there.
The range of colourful vegetables is boundless, so reach out for mixed peppers, courgettes, aubergene, mushroom and onions, among many others.
You should then turn your attention to red salmon, which complements the sweet flavour of these foods perfectly.
What you will do is create the exquisite sauce to a pasta dish, which should involve either tortellini, spaghetti or linguini.
Throw some prawns into the mix too if preferred and don’t forget to pick out a cream, yoghurt or soft cheese for thickening and deepening the taste of the sauce.
This pasta dish will work wonders with white wine, so why not head down the drinks aisle to grab yourself a good bottle of Chilean sauvignon blanc?
Of course, if you intend sharing the meal with friends at the weekend, you might like to invest in a second bottle, but stick to white on this occasion.
Once you are ready to begin cooking, simply heat some olive oil in a pan before adding the onion and garlic.
After this has softened, throw in the chopped peppers, aubergene and courgettes, followed by sliced mushroom. 
Ensure the oven is warm for later, before adding a good handful of tomatoes to soften in the pot into a rich sauce.
When the food is cooked add the salmon, which will begin to flake as it cooks.
Then you can add seasoning and a good dollop of cream or cheese, with mascarpone particularly tasty in this instance.


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