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What Food What Wine? South Africa launched!

THIS year’s Wine Show sees the launch of What Food What Wine? South Africa, a new version of the UK’s biggest food and wine matching competition in association with TWS Media.

"What Food What Wine?" 2012 - the final results revealed

The country’s leading wine experts have revealed their best matches for the UK’s top 16 dishes, including lamb rogan josh, fish and chips and strawberries and cream.

How to choose what wine to serve at a wedding

If your upcoming nuptials are this summer then no doubt you have the venue booked, the invites delivered and the dress and flowers paid for.

Transforming your dinner party into a Michelin-star restaurant experience

If you're planning to spend quite a bit of money on treating your guests to quality food and wine at a dinner party then it is worth ensuring that the entire experience is of a high standard too.

How to avoid going down in history as the worst dinner party host

When thinking of dinner parties images of polite chit-chat, food and wine matching and other such pleasantries spring to mind.

The UK’s leading food and wine pairing competition goes Indian

‘What Food, What Wine?’ the UK’s leading food and wine pairing competition, returns this month with the addition of two new food categories aimed at boosting consumer engagement and promoting sensible drinking.

How to host the perfect dinner party

While a very important part of making a dinner party memorable is down to how good the food and wine is, your hosting ability will make a good dinner party into an unforgettable one.

Bringing out the best after-dinner drinks for guests

Being faced with matching food and wine for a dinner party can be a challenge, so serving after-dinner drinks can be a much more fun part of the evening.