How it works

Step 1

Take a selection of favourite British, Christmas and Indian dishes, ranging from chicken tikka massala to apple pie and custard via fish and chips and roast beef.

Step 2

Match each dish with wines entered into the competition using a top team of judges

Step 3

Find out the What Food, goes with What Wine!


NB: All wines MUST be available to purchase in the UK




Judging Process

  • Judges will work in panels of four - click here to see the judges
  • Wines will be served in flights in pre-poured glasses (double blind judging method).
  • The only information the judges will have on each wine is whether it is over or under £10 UK retail price. All wines must be available in the UK market.
  • Judges will taste the wines with the food individually and score the wines. The panel will then discuss the results and come to a unanimous consensus verdict for each wine.
NB: consensus does not mean an average of the marks. The pros and cons of each pairing will be debated and a final verdict will be reached only after this discussion. This allows for a fairer and more positive marking system than simple averaging of marks.
  • After all the wines have been tasted and marked, the four senior judges will re-convene to re-taste the top-scoring wines with their respective dishes. During this re-taste, the senior judges will not be aware of the price categories of each wine.
  • This will be done for two reasons. Firstly, to double check the standard and consistency of judging and results. Secondly, to choose the top awards in each category, irrespective of price.


Wines entered will be categorised in one of four ways:
  • 5 stars – excellent match
  • 4 stars – very good match
  • 3 star – sound match
  • Below 3 star – poor match
In addition, the top-scoring wines will be re-tasted to compete for the following awards:
  • ‘Best Value’ award, ie the wine that offers the best price/quality ratio in that category.
Other awards may also feature depending on the wines entered in the competition, and results achieved. An example of this would be a ‘most surprising match’ for a wine that surprises judges with its ability to match with any given dish.



Why Enter?

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How many bottles do I need to send?

For each entry, the competition requires 3 sample bottles per wine entry for the first food match plus one bottle per any additional matches. For example:

1 food match = 3 bottles
2 food matches = 4 bottles
3 food matches = 5 bottles etc.


What is the shipping address?

Please send your wine entries along with a copy of the entry form to:

'What Food, What Wine?' Competition Cellars
17 Dunsfold Park,
Stovolds Hill,
GU6 8 TB
United Kingdom