Paulo Brammer


Paulo began his career in London beverage trade at Bank Aldwych and Just Saint James as head of bars, but it was in 2005 that he really got into wine buying, taking on the role of Head Sommelier for the 3 Michelin star chefs Pourcel brothers at W’Sens.

In 2008 he made the move out of fine dining to take on a new challenge, being appointed Group Wine Buyer at ETM Group.

In his role at ETM Group Paulo designs wine lists for eight very different sites, including high-quality pubs, restaurants and wine bars across London. Catering for such a diverse clientele keeps him on his toes, he works hard to ensure that his Chelsea diners are offered the finest wines, while supplying East End locals with their favourite cask ales.

In order to promote enthusiasm and better understanding of wine, Paulo established the ETM Wine Academy in 2010. The twelve week course is based on his WSET education and has been incredibly effective.  The ETM wine 'ambassadors' have eagerly embraced all aspects of the course, working hard to promote wine and food matching and to communicate their knowledge to colleagues and customers alike.

Every year Paulo travels to France to blend ETM Group’s very own house wines, hand selecting the best grape varieties from Languedoc in order to create excellent value house wines.

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