The Competition

The concept is simple. We take a selection of favourite British, Christmas and Indian dishes, ranging from chicken tikka massala to apple crumble via fish and chips and roast lamb. Using a crack team of food and wine experts – including the world’s best sommelier Gérard Basset MS MW – we find the best wines to match with each dish. The aim is to help wine drinkers experiment with confidence when it comes to finding wines to go with their favourite dishes.
As the UK’s first major food and wine matching competition, it will also differ from other wine competitions in that all wines will be judged true blind. The only details the judges will know is whether the wine is under or over £10 – ie an everyday bottle or a special purchase.
Ultimately, the only thing that matters in this competition is how well the wine goes with the food. It’s a completely level playing field for wines from all over the world – with all to play for.

The Judges

Heading up the competition are TV wine experts and married Masters of Wine Peter Richards and Susie Barrie. Matching wine to dishes created by Britain’s top chefs is what Susie and Peter do week-in week-out as wine presenters on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen. It’s also something of a personal passion of theirs.
Joining Peter and Susie will be a top team of food and wine experts, including the world’s best sommelier, Gérard Basset MS MW, together with Guardian columnist and acknowledged food-andwine expert Fiona Beckett. 
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The Food

The competition’s food director is writer and broadcaster Jo Pratt, author of the hugely popular recipe books In the Mood for Food and In the Mood for Entertaining. Her recipes are downloadable from the website and are easy enough for anyone to follow with accessible ingredients.


The Venue

The competition is supported by and held at the fabulous Woodlands Park Hotel in Surrey, part of the luxury Hand Picked Hotels group

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